Organizational Development and Effectiveness


For many organizations, there is a heightened focus on accomplishing more with fewer resources, reducing costs, improving productivity, increasing accountability, creating strong cultures, and cultivating connections with its workforce. To optimize operations, an organization’s structure must align to its mission and strategy, with leadership establishing and nurturing an organizational culture that connects with the external environment and the needs of its employees. Our organizational development and culture change team supports leaders in optimizing their organization’s performance through aligning and integrating three key components of an organization: mission, leadership and culture.

Focus Areas:

Organizational Assessments and Design:

Organizational Assessments and Design:

Our organizational design process encompasses a complete understanding of the organization, ensuring alignment between the process and the organization’s values and guiding principles. To transition from the current state to envisioned end state, SCT will we provide a holistic approach that generates a comprehensive framework for your organization.

Employee Engagement:

Employee Engagement:<br> 

SCT views employee engagement from a holistic, system-wide perspective. Employee engagement cannot be addressed effectively at just the individual level. An organization’s culture, and employee perceptions of that culture, are critical factors in measuring engagement. SCT conducts an organizational assessment to determine the best leverage points to help an organization achieve their employee engagement goals.

Change Management and Strategic Communications:

Change Management and Strategic Communications:

SCT provides strategic management support to leaders by communicating the need for change, identifying the desired end state, and engaging with change sponsors. We understand the importance of communication to guarantee effective change management and will identify target audiences, tailor communications, and determine appropriate communication channels.

Culture Change:

Culture Change:<br> 

SCT understands that an organization in today’s environment must align their mission and strategy with culture. Culture is more than just slogans on the wall or quotes on a website—its about how people behave, feel and perceive their organization. SCT’s culture change experts partner with clients to establish a culture that aligns with leadership vision and sets a course for success and growth.


  • Creates an optimal and efficient organizational structure
  • Builds an organizational culture that aligns with the mission, vision and aspirations of the company and its people
  • Increases effectiveness of communications and builds an organization for agility
  • Increased focus on business and customer relationships and outcomes