Organizational Development and Effectiveness


For many organizations, there is a focus on accomplishing more with fewer resources, reducing costs, improving productivity, increasing accountability, creating effective cultures, and cultivating connections with its workforce. To optimize operations, an organization’s structure must align to its mission and strategy, with leadership establishing and nurturing an organizational culture that connects with the needs of its employees. Our organizational development and culture change team supports leaders in optimizing their organization’s performance through aligning and integrating an organization’s mission, leadership, and culture.

Focus Areas:

Organizational Assessments and Design:

Organizational Assessments and Design:

SCT will ensure an effective organizational structure and alignment of people within that structure to support the organization’s mission, goals and activities. SCT uses qualitative and quantitative data gathered from organizational reviews, service delivery assessment, best practices, and benchmarking to propose alternate designs. We define how people, processes and technology would support the day-to-day activities and develop action plans for implementing solutions.

Business Process Reengineering:

Business Process Reengineering:

SCT offers experienced professionals in business process evaluation, design, and process improvement techniques. We will identify project and organizational pain points and inefficiencies that can be mitigated. Our experts have a deep understanding of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) approaches and provide data-driven solutions to address systemic problems throughout the organization. We successfully guide organizations and their leaders through large-scale evaluation and improvement efforts to improve overall processes, services, and policies.

Culture Change:

Culture Change:<br /> 

SCT understands that an organization in today’s environment must align their mission and strategy with culture. Culture is more than just slogans on the wall or quotes on a website—its about how people behave, feel and perceive their organization. SCT’s culture change experts partner with clients to establish a culture that aligns with leadership vision and sets a course for success and growth.


  • Creates an optimal and efficient organizational structure
  • Builds an organizational culture that aligns with the mission, vision and aspirations of the company and its people
  • Increases effectiveness of communications and builds an organization for agility
  • Increased focus on business and customer relationships and outcomes